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Welcome to the April edition of the SC09 official newsletter! Sponsored by the ACM SIGARCH and IEEE Computer
Society, SC09 is the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and
analysis. This year's conference - recognized by Tradeshow Week Magazine as one of the 200 
largest in the
U.S. - will be held November 14-20, 2009 in Portland, Oregon - the "greenest city" in the U.S.

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Headlines from the SC09 April Newsletter:

* Technical Panel Proposals Now Due May 1
* Submissions Now Open for SC09 Storage Challenge
* Website Assists International Attendees
* Student Cluster Competition - Ready, Set, Go!
* SC Education Program Announces Summer Workshops
* SCinet Releases Call for Circuits with May 29 Deadline

* Bio-Computing Thrust to Showcase Amazing Applications
* Share Your Interests with Colleagues at SC BOFs

Technical Panel Proposals Now Due May 1

Now is the time to begin planning your participation in SC09. We are seeking proposals for panel sessions covering
exciting topics that are relevant, timely, and thought provoking. We are looking for panels offering diverse points of
view, balanced discussion, and opportunities for audience participation. As in previous years, these sessions are
expected to engender lively and even passionate debate. Submissions centered around this year's SC technology
thrust areas, bio-computing, sustainability, and the 3D internet, are especially encouraged.

Panel Proposals Due: Friday, May 1, 2009
Notification: Monday, June 29, 2009

SC09 submissions site:
For more information:

Submissions Now Open for SC09 Storage Challenge

The Storage Challenge is a competition showcasing applications and environments that effectively use storage
subsystems in high performance computing, which is often the limiting system component. Submissions are
requested that can be based upon tried and true production systems as well as research or proof of concept projects
not yet in production. Participants will describe their implementations and present measurements of performance,
scalability and storage subsystem utilization. Judging will be based on these measurements as well as innovation
and effectiveness; maximum size and peak performance are not the sole criteria. Finalists will be chosen on the
basis of submissions that are in the form of proposals; they will present their completed results in a technical session
during the conference from which the winner(s) will be selected.

Submissions are due July 27, 2009.

For more information:

Website Assists International Attendees

This year the SC Ambassadors are making special efforts to help delegates from outside the US who attend SC09.
One new initiative is an International Attendees Center at the conference, where you can meet other internationals,
learn more about the conference, and plan collaborative activities. Based on the Ambassadors' survey of last year's
attendees, one of the biggest issues for internationals is obtaining a visa. There are two main categories of visa,
depending on the country of origin: (1) Attendees who are citizens of the countries participating in the US Visa
Waiver Program (e.g., EU countries) need to request a travel permit online first, then they can apply for a 90-day
visa when entering the U.S. (2) Those who are citizens of other countries (e.g., China) have a more detailed and
time-consuming process. Potential attendees are advised to start the process as early as possible.

For more information, visit the new International Attendees pages on the SC09 website.

For more information:

Student Cluster Competition - Ready, Set, Go!

The Student Cluster Competition (SCC) is a high performance computational competition where teams of six
students each compete in a race to correctly complete the greatest number of applications while never exceeding
a mandated power limit. Teams are given three or four applications with predefined data sets to execute on their
cluster. Judging covers three categories with points awarded for: raw cluster performance, the number of applications
successfully completed, and an interview with a supercomputing expert. The winning team is recognized at the
SC09 Awards Ceremony luncheon.

Details on team requirements, including industry vendor hardware partnerships,
are available on the website.

Application deadline is July 27, 2009.

For more information:


SC Education Program Announces Summer Workshops

The SC Education Program recently announced their summer 2009 workshop schedule. These are designed
primarily for undergraduate faculty from a broad range of disciplines who would like to learn the tools and
techniques required to incorporate computational methods into the undergraduate science curriculum.

The workshops topics include: Introduction to Computational Thinking, May 25-30: Calvin College, July 5-11:
Atlanta University Center, and August 2- 8: University of Arkansas; Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators,
May 17-23: Oklahoma State University; Computational Biology for Biology Educators, June 7-13: University of California
Merced; Computational Physics for Physics Educators, June 14-20: Widener University; Parallel Programming and
Cluster Computing
, June 7-13: Kean University, July 5-11: Louisiana State University, and August 9-15: U Oklahoma;
Computational Sciences in the Grades 6-12 Classroom, July 12-18: University of Florida; Computational Engineering
for Engineering Educators
, July 12-18: Ohio Supercomputer Center.

For more information:

SCinet Releases Call for Circuits with May 29 Deadline

The Network for Education and Research in Oregon (NERO), the Oregon GigaPOP (OGIG) and its partners in Oregon
are teaming with SCinet to provide Wide Area Networking (WAN) services support for the SC09 conference. In order
to plan the WAN and metro resources required to support conference participants, SCinet is requesting that exhibitors
and network entities identify their WAN circuit requirements into the Oregon Convention Center by May 29, 2009.

The SCinet WAN Team will work with Internet2, National LambdaRail (NLR) and NERO to implement the required
circuits for SC09 from the NLR and Internet2 connection point in Portland, Oregon to the Oregon Convention Center.
The following WAN services are planned to be available: NLR's PacketNet and FrameNet, Internet2's IP Network
and Dynamic Circuit Network, ESnet's IP Network and Science Data Network as well as commodity Internet.

For more information:

Bio-Computing Thrust to Showcase Amazing Applications

The SC09 Bio-Computing Thrust will showcase the amazing amount of work being done in the field of bioscience.
Speakers include Klaus Schulten, a leader in classical MD multi-scale simulations of biological system, who will
anchor a cornerstone session on HPC simulations in Biosciences. Another Masterworks session will focus on
scalable information intensive analysis.

Submissions for other Bio-computing technical program elements focus on applications in the biomedical,
biodefense and bioenergy fields, and include large-scale data sharing; analysis of high throughput metagenomic
sequence data, the effective use of cloud, grid and other novel compute architectures; computational protein design,
and large scale "cyber infrastructure" to integrate varied biological information forms.

For more information:


Share Your Interests with Colleagues at SC BOFs

Experts in high performance computing are invited to share their interests with the HPC community by submitting
BOF session topics. We are seeking sessions that result in informal group discussion on any topic related to
supercomputing and sessions targeted to start building new communities related to supercomputing areas.
Please keep in mind that BOFs are not intended for commercial presentations, but for technical ones. Sessions
where a particular system, environment, architecture, tool, etc. is presented will also be considered, as long as it is
of interest to a broad cross-section of SC09 attendees.

SC09 submissions site:
For more information:


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