SC09 Newsletter—Issue 4.1

The SC09 Conference features three Challenges (Storage, Bandwidth, Data Center of the Future) and a Student
Cluster Competition that will showcase both expertise and HPC resources in friendly, yet spirited competitions with
other participants. The deadline for submissions is coming up fast, so we are encouraging people to begin to
submit entries for all of these areas.

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Student Cluster Competition

The Student Cluster Competition (SCC) is a high performance computational competition that comprises teams
of six students, each team competing in a race to correctly complete the greatest number of applications during
the competition period while never exceeding a dictated power limit. Teams are given three to four applications
combined with predefined data sets to execute on their cluster.

Judging covers three categories with points awarded in each: raw cluster performance, the number of applications
successfully completed, and an interview with a supercomputing expert. The winner is the team with the most points.

Application deadline is July 27, 2009

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Storage Challenge

The Storage Challenge is a competition that showcases applications and environments that effectively use the
storage subsystem in high performance computing, which is often the limiting system component. Submissions can
be based upon tried and true production systems as well as research or proof of concept projects not yet in production.
Participants will describe their implementations and present measurements of performance, scalability and storage
subsystem utilization. Judging will be based on these measurements as well as innovation and effectiveness;
maximum size and peak performance are not the sole criteria. Finalists will be chosen on the basis of submissions
that are in the form of proposals; they will present their completed results in a technical session during the conference
from which the winner(s) will be selected.

Submissions are due July 27, 2009

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Bandwidth Challenge

The Bandwidth Challenge is an annual competition for leading-edge network applications developed by teams of
researchers from around the globe. Past competitions have showcased multi10gigabit-per-second demonstrations.
SC09's Bandwidth Challenge will focus on real-world applications and data movement issues, and will include live
demonstrations across the SCinet network infrastructure.

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Data Center of the Future Challenge

The goal of this Challenge is to have the supercomputer manufacturers, researchers or educational institutions form
teams with other researchers, architects, engineers, equipment suppliers, computer manufacturers, and/or whoever
else is deemed necessary. "The Teams" are to conceptually develop a data center of the future that provides the most
compute power with the greatest efficiency (both computer efficiency and data center infrastructure efficiency),
highest degree of sustainability, in the least amount of space and with a pre-described power budget.

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Education Program

The Education Program is a year-round effort designed to teach HPC and computational methods primarily to
undergraduate, faculty, and K-12 teachers from a broad range of disciplines, along with helping them to integrate
HPC and computational techniques into their classrooms and research programs. Educators are encouraged to
attend the workshops as teams, sometimes including students, to help "seed" computation into the local curriculum.

During the conference in November, the Education Program hosts a four-day intensive on-site program which
includes awards, guided tours of the exhibit hall, focused tutorials, and birds-of-a-feather gatherings, all of which
are oriented specifically to meet the needs of college and K-12 educators.

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The SC09 conference will feature the latest scientific and technical innovations from around the world. Bringing
together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators, and managers,
SC09 will be the forum for demonstrating how these developments are driving new ideas, new discoveries and
new industries. SC09's special focus areas this year: sustainability, bio-computing, and the 3D Internet.

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