SC09 Newsletter—Issue 4

Welcome to the June edition of the SC09 official newsletter! Sponsored by the ACM SIGARCH and IEEE Computer
Society, SC09 is the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and
analysis. This year's conference - recognized by Tradeshow Week Magazine as one of the 200 largest in the
U.S. - will be held November 14-20, 2009 in Portland, Oregon.

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Headlines from the SC09 June Newsletter:

* Technical Program Registration Is Now Open
* SC09 Tech Program Announces Stellar Lineup of Accepted Submissions
* Conference Housing Is Now Open for Booking
* Bio-Computing Thrust Area Highlights Masterworks Speakers
* SC09 Student Job Fair Open to Exhibitor Participation
* Doctoral Showcase Submissions Due July 27

* Bandwidth Challenge Turns Nine at SC09
* SCinet to Measure Sustainability Efforts

* Student Volunteers - Submit Your Applications
* Share Your Interests With Colleagues at BOFs
* Nominations Sought for Cray, Fernbach, and First-Ever Kennedy Award

Technical Program Registration is Now Open

Registration for the SC09 Technical Program opened Monday, June 15th. This year's Technical Program includes
three days of technical paper presentations, panel discussions, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and poster presentations
with additional days of workshops, and tutorials. There are also options to register for one or two days of tutorials.
Register for the Technical Program by 10/12/09 to get the best rates! Late registration fees have increased this year
and will be effective starting 10/13/09.

For more information:

SC09 Tech Program Announces Stellar Lineup of Accepted Submissions

After a rigorous review of the submissions, the Papers, Panels, Tutorials, and Workshops components of the SC
Technical program have been selected and scheduled. This was an exceptionally competitive process with
submissions subject to careful and thorough review. The result is an unmatched program covering all areas of
high performance computing, from harnessing current innovations in hardware, software, and algorithms to
exploring the path beyond Petascale toward Exascale computing. Details will be available on the SC website soon.

Submissions are open for other areas of the program, including posters, challenges, birds-of-a-feather, and awards.

Technical Papers

The SC09 Technical Papers program received 261 high quality submissions this year covering a variety of advanced
research topics in HPC and spanning six areas -- applications, architecture, networks, grids/clouds, performance,
storage, and systems software. After an extremely rigorous peer review process involving 100 technical paper
committee members discussing each and every paper to finalize the selections, 59 papers were selected.
The quality of the papers were exceptionally high this year and will further SC's established reputation as the top
HPC conference. The papers cover the hot topics of today, such as multicore, GPUs, storage, sustainability, clouds
and leading to exascale era of the future, resulting in one of the most exciting paper session in the history of SC.

For more information:


As in previous years, SC09 features a strong selection of relevant, timely, and thought provoking panels. 29
submissions, more than twice as many as last year, made the selection process highly competitive.

In addition to panels for the SC09 thrust areas of sustainability, bio-computing, and 3D internet, this year's conference
will feature panels on challenges on the road to exascale, on preparing the world to ubiquitous parallelism, and
about flash technology in HPC.

For more information:


The SC09 Tutorials committee has selected an exciting program of 28 tutorials (12 full day, 16 half day). The topics
span the entire range of conference attendee interests, including programming models (CUDA, OpenCL, MPI,
OpenMP, hybrid programming, PGAS languages), emerging technologies, cloud computing, visualization,
performance modeling and tools, parallel I/O, parallel debugging, high-performance networking, and many other
topics. A committee of 26 experts selected the program from 71 high-quality submissions following a rigorous
selection process.

For more information:


Thirteen workshops are being planned in conjunction with SC09. Workshops provide attendees with independently
planned full-, half-, or multi-day sessions that complement the SC09 Technical Program and extend its impact by
providing greater depth of focus. Workshops will be held Sunday and Monday, Nov 15 & 16, and Friday, Nov. 20.

For more information:

Conference Housing Is Now Open for Booking

Hotel rooms are now available for attendees and exhibitors to select through the SC Your Way reservation system.
Portland has many small boutique hotels that have lots of character and charm. To view the hotels that are in the
block and compare features between them, including the mode of transportation that is recommended, visit the SC
Your Way site linked from the main SC09 web site.

This year the conference will rely heavily on the MAX. Many hotels are within walking distance to the MAX, Portland's
mass transit system, and are close to the Thursday night event. The MAX has a dedicated convention center stop and
is free to use within the downtown area. Busing will only be provided to convention hotels that are not served by the MAX.

Please note that attendees staying that the Avalon Hotel and Spa will need to make their own arrangements for transportation.

For more information:

Bio-Computing Thrust Area Highlights Masterworks Speakers

The Bio-Computing Thrust Area will highlight leaders in the bioinformatics and computational biology area
as Masterworks speakers. Dr. Teresa Head-Gordon, UC-Berkeley, will join Dr. Klaus Schulten in the Multi-Scale
Simulations Session. David Hausler, UC-Santa Cruz and Deepak Singh, Amazon, will inform the conference of
data scaling challenges and leading edge solutions during the Genome Analysis Session. These talks will cover
the many forms of information that must be integrated as well as architectural solutions on information access.

Computing is permanently changing the face of modern medicine. Dr. Jonathan Silverstein, Argonne National
Laboratory and Chicago Medical Center, will anchor the Modern Medicine Session. As a leader in applying high
performance computing, storage and networks to the medical field, he will discuss recent and future advances
in data integration and communications that enable medical miracles.

For more information:


SC09 Student Job Fair Open to Exhibitor Participation

Reserve your space now for the SC09 Student Job Fair! 

 If you are an SC09 exhibitor, we invite you to reserve your
space now for the SC09 Student Job Fair, which will take place November 14, 2009 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Last year, more than 100 
student attendees participated in our first SC08 student job fair. SC09 welcomes a broad
spectrum of student attendees who compose the SC Communities, including the SC Education Program, the SC
Engagement Program, or SC Student Volunteers Program. 
Participating organizations and institutions
will have access to approximately more than 300 students in Computer Science, Information Systems, and other
fields related to high performance computing. In 
addition, participants will be given space (e.g. a table that

accommodates 2 representatives) and receive a copy of the resume 
booklet listing all participating students.

Exhibitor participation in the SC09 Student Job Fair is free of charge, so please don't miss this opportunity to
network and recruit 
talented students! Space is limited at the SC09 Student Job Fair, and 
will be assigned on a
first-come, first-served basis. We ask that you confirm your participation in the SC09 Student Job Fair and 
the name of your representative(s) by June 30, 2009.

For more information:

Doctoral Showcase Submissions Due July 27

The Doctoral Showcase invites Ph.D. students in high performance computing, networking, storage, and analytics,
who anticipate graduating within 12 months to submit a short summary of their research. Those selected will be able
to present a 15-minute summary of their best research to experts in academia, industry and research laboratories.
Students are asked to submit a one, page summary of their research, publication list, and three slides on their major
results for consideration by the reviewers.

Submissions close on July 27, 2009

Submissions site:
For more information:

Bandwidth Challenge Turns Nine at SC09

One of the highest concentrations of network bandwidth per square foot on our planet appears each November
in the SCinet Network Operations Center at the annual supercomputing conference. During the Bandwidth Challenge
debut at SC2000, the winning team recorded a peak performance level of 1.48 gigabits per second over a five-second
period. Five short years later, the winner produced a peak bandwidth utilization of 131.57 gigabits per second across
seventeen 10-gigabit WAN links. We are now in the petaflop era of high performance computing.

In 2009, the challenge is - how fast can you move a scientific petabyte data set over a high performance research
network? We welcome your submissions for the Bandwidth Challenge 2009.

For more information:

SCinet to Measure Sustainability Efforts

For SC09, SCinet, the advanced network supporting the conference, will focus on collecting quantitative sustainability
measurements to provide a benchmark for future conferences, as well as research data for other energy efficiency
and sustainability research projects. SCinet network and power engineers will collect detailed power consumption
data for the main SCinet Network Operations Center and display those measurements, along with network utilization
measurements, in real-time, on displays located throughout the conference show floor. SCinet will also provide
power measurement and network infrastructure to other sustainability efforts in the conference that wish to directly
measure and quantify their carbon impact from electrical power usage.

For more information:

Student Volunteers - Submit Your Applications

Student Volunteers help run SC09, and you can be part of the team. Undergraduate and graduate students are
encouraged to apply as volunteers to help with the administration of the SC09 conference. Student Volunteers
will have the opportunity to learn about, and discuss, the latest high performance computing and networking
technologies while meeting and interacting with leading researchers from around the world. In exchange for their
efforts contributing to the success of SC09, students will receive complimentary conference registration, housing
(for out-of-town volunteers) and most meals.

Please give the web pages a read to find out more about the Student Volunteer experience and responsibilities,
then submit your application to join your many colleagues who are already discovering the exciting world of supercomputing.

Submissions site:

For more information:

Share Your Interests With Colleagues at BOFs

Experts in high performance computing are invited to share their interests with the HPC community by submitting
Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions at SC09. We are seeking sessions that result in informal group discussion on
any topic related to supercomputing as well as sessions targeted to start building new communities related to
supercomputing areas. Please keep in mind that BOFs are not intended for technical and not commercial presentations.
Sessions where a particular system, environment, architecture, or tool is presented will be considered,
as long as it is of interest to a broad cross-section of SC09 attendees.

Remember, submissions are now open and will close by July 27, 2009

Submissions site:

For more information:

Nominations Sought for Cray, Fernbach, and First-Ever Kennedy Award

Nominations are sought for three prestigious awards that will be announced at SC09 in recognition of significant
contributions to the field. The new ACM - IEEE CS Ken Kennedy Award recognizes substantial contributions to
programmability and productivity in computing and substantial community service or mentoring contributions.
The award honors the remarkable research, service, and mentoring contributions of the late Ken Kennedy.

The IEEE Computer Society also sponsors the Seymour Cray Computer Engineering and Sidney Fernbach
Memorial awards to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of supercomputing. The Cray award is given
to individuals whose innovative contributions to high performance computing best exemplify the creative spirit of
Seymour Cray. The Sidney Fernbach Memorial award recognizes innovative uses of high performance computing
for the solution of large computational problems. Nominations are now being accepted for all three awards, and
the deadline for submissions is July 1, 2008. The nomination form, and the required endorsements, should be
submitted following the instructions in the links below.

For more information:
ACM-IEEE Computer Society Ken Kennedy Award:

IEEE Computer Society Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award:

IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award:


The SC09 conference will feature the latest scientific and technical innovations from around the world. Bringing
together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators, and managers,
SC09 will be the forum for demonstrating how these developments are driving new ideas, new discoveries and
new industries. SC09's special focus areas this year: sustainability, bio-computing, and the 3D Internet.

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