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Bandwidth Challenge Turns 10 at SC09

Important Dates:

Submissions Open: March 16, 2009

Submissions Due: September 19, 2009

Finalists Notified: October 2, 2009

Final Report Due: November 7, 2009

Technical Session: TBD

Finalist Interviews: TBD

Awards Sessions: TBD

About the Bandwidth Challenge

"The general idea was that participants would propose ideas for amazing applications that would both overwhelm the SCinet network infrastructure and to showcase technologies and do things they couldn't do elsewhere. We were delighted with what the competitors managed to do."
- Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory, November SC2000

One of the highest concentrations of network bandwidth per square foot on our planet appears each November in the SCinet Network Operations Center at the annual SC conference. The Bandwidth Challenge allows SC attendees and exhibitors an opportunity to demonstrate what is possible when network intensive scientific applications are provisioned with an amount of bandwidth that is much greater than what is available at researchers' home institutions - made possible through SCinet.

In today's petaflop era of high performance computing, this year's challenge asks participants to show how large of a data set can be transmitted in a fixed period of time. Judging categories include:
1) Largest data set transmitted from multiple locations and aggregated on the SC09 show floor;
2) Largest data set moved to the SC09 show floor from a single location;
3) Peak bandwidth utilization that is sustained for 15 minutes;
4) Maximum bandwidth achieved using IPv6 end-to-end;
5) Most creative use of mixed physical layer transport media, including satellite, wireless reach back, and novel optical control planes and backplanes.

OVERVIEW: Participating in the Bandwidth Challenge

Teams participating in the SC09 Bandwidth Challenge will begin work at their earliest convenience and must submit a Project Proposal by SEPTEMBER 19, 2009 through the submission website - The Project Proposal is the Submission. The Project Proposals will be used to select a small number of finalist teams who will be notified of their status by October 2nd. Finalist teams may continue working on their challenge projects after submitting their Project Proposal until the Final Project Report is due on November 7, 2009. During the conference, finalist teams will deliver a technical session presentation that will be part of the Bandwidth Challenge judging. They will also participate in a private follow up interview with the committee. Titles, abstracts and team member names will be posted in the Conference Program and the winners will be announced at the conference awards session.

Finalists and Winners

Finalists will be notified by October 2, that they have been selected. Each finalist team will be expected to make a presentation in a technical session during the conference. The schedule for the technical presentation sessions will be posted on the Bandwidth Challenge web site several weeks after the notification date and listed in the final program. The final version of this abstract and team list is due October 9, along with the project proposal. The winners will be announced in the conference awards session. Both finalists and winners will receive certificates for their accomplishments in this challenge.

Final Project Report

Finalist teams in the SC09 Bandwidth Challenge are required to submit a Final Project Report by November 7, which will be used by the judges to help select the winner. A report in the form of a PDF file is to be included as part of the submission. It must also include slides for the challenge finalist presentation in an appendix. For suggestions on how to format the final report, please contact Kevin Walsh,

Finalist Interviews

Finalist teams in the SC09 Bandwidth Challenge are to participate in a private interview session with the Challenge committee. The purpose of this interview is to provide the committee with an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications that may arise from the finalist presentations and/or the Final Project Report.

The exact interview schedule and location in the convention center will be sent to finalist teams via email. The schedule will also be posted on a sign just outside the interview room.


Project Proposal submissions and Final Project Report submissions to the SC09 Bandwidth Challenge will be evaluated by the committee based on a mixture of quantitative and qualitative criteria. Judging decisions are final.

We welcome your submissions for the Bandwidth Challenge 2009. For more information, please contact Kevin Walsh, UC San Diego, (

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