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Sustainability Thrust Area

High Performance Computing is playing a lead role in modeling, simulations and visualization to support primary research, engineering programs and business tools that are helping to create a more "sustainable" future for humankind. Simultaneously, those involved in High Performance Computing are also scrutinizing how to minimize their immediate impact on energy consumption, water consumption, carbon-emissions and other non-sustainable activities.

The "sustainability" thrust area at SC09 illuminates how High Performance Computing is impacting societies drive toward understanding and minimizing the impacts of our activities and in the search for sustainable solutions that address societal needs and goals. As our computer centers grow to tens of megawatts in power, of course we are concerned with the impacts of our own activities. Even with respect to this conference, you will see how the convention center and the conference committee have teamed to put reduce, reuse, recycle into play.

We have assembled numerous technical events on the topic of sustainability. Those of you interested in the broad topic of future technologies for peta and exascale systems will find information on component technologies of the future designed with energy sipping technologies to enable broad deployment in large systems. Data center enthusiasts will find numerous sessions that deal with data center design, retrofit, and operational efficiency. For those interested in topics on the use of energy and impact on the environment, we have assembled a number of world experts in climate modeling, green energy and the future of fossil fuels for our generation.

Many of these topics are being strongly debated in the press these days so we anticipate good interaction in the sessions. We are pleased to have been able to bring you such high-quality information and hope you are able to learn and make good connections to satisfy your interests.

Datacenter of the Future booth:

Please visit the Datacenter of the Future booth located outside the exhibit halls starting on Monday. The booth showcases design elements of energy efficient HPC Datacenters from diverse locations around the globe. These are innovative and current design features, many of which are from Datacenters that are not yet fully built and on-line. The line up includes Datacenters from government labs as well as universities from the United States, Asia and Europe. Also included in the booth are the submission results from the Datacenter of the Future Challenge. Representatives from the teams, showcase Datacenters, and other organizations involved in this topic will be available to describe their activities, answer questions, and provide pointers to further information.

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