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 High Performnance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

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Special Resources for International Attendees

We extend a special welcome to SC09 attendees from outside the USA.

The SC conference series has always had a large number of international attendees, both in the technical program and the exhibit hall. This year, a special effort is being made to provide special assistance and facilities to enhance the SC09 experience of international participants. A new group, known as SC Ambassadors, was set up to implement this new initiative.

The SC Ambassadors surveyed a sample of past international attendees to identify the difficulties they had encountered. Since the most frequent problems involved applying for visas, we have created new procedures to help you apply for a visa. A Frequently Asked Questions page deals with other topics raised by the survey.

At the conference itself, an International Attendees Center will provide a place for you to meet, learn more about the conference, and interact with international colleagues as well as organisers of the SC conference series. We hope the center will be a key source of information for you. It will also serve as a forum to elicit your views and concerns.

Or contact an SC Ambassador directly:
Ron Perrott (Chair), Queen's University, Belfast (UK)
David Abramson, Monash University (Australia)
Bernd Mohr, Juelich Supercomputing Centre (Germany)
Depei Qian, Beihang University (China)

We hope to conduct another survey after SC09 and develop further resources for international attendees in the future.

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