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SC 09 Mentor/ Protégé Program

This is a special opportunity for seasoned SC participants and individuals participating in SC09's Communities programs (Broader Engagement, Education, Student Volunteers and Student Cluster Competition).

The Mentor/Protégé Program is designed to enhance the conference experience for student participants of the SC09 Student Programs (Broader Engagement, Student Volunteers, Education Program, Student Cluster Competition).  Each participating student (Protégé) is matched up with a volunteer Mentor while attending the conference.  Mentors serve a very important role, as they can share, with their protégés, advice and insight about careers and areas of research. Mentors can also help students make the most of their SC experience.

Each student who registers for the Mentor/Protégé Program will be matched up with a volunteer mentor prior to the conference. The program aims to match protégés and mentors with similar technical backgrounds. Mentors may give their protégés as little or as much time as they can fit into their schedule – anything from a cup of coffee and a chat, to a tour of the exhibit floor, to a day-long shadowing experience. Mentor/protégé pairs set their own schedules, allowing for maximum convenience and flexibility.

This is the second year we have implemented the Mentor/Protégé program. It was an overwhelming success last year, with more volunteer mentors than we ever imagined, which enabled us to match mentors with additional student protégés. We anticipate a large response this year and to accommodate this increase, we are adding a Mentor/Protege social activity on Monday afternoon from 1:30 - 3:00pm in rooms B113-B116. The theme of the activity is "Developing Emerging Technologies Amidst a Global Social Climate of Change". The social activity will consist of an orientation, panel discussion, breakout sessions, and overview of year-round mentoring programs.

If you are a student, we encourage you to sign up when you fill out your application to any of the SC student programs. It will be a rewarding experience for you and give you a chance to build your "professional network"!

If you are a professional taking part in the SC09 exhibits or Technical Program, we extend a warm invitation to participate as a mentor – it will be a rewarding experience for you, too. You may meet your next new hire or collaborator!

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